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Archive for February, 2008

Time Management?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I’ll be able to get a lot more done more effectively if I force myself to stick to a schedule to complete things, as opposed to losing interest in them and forgetting about them over the course of a few days. For instance, with learning Blender, 30 minutes or perhaps an hour each day (or every other day) seems reasonable, especially if I can get my wife to recognize it as my “hobby time” and that it’s just for me. Seems good enough. Tonight (as it happens, what appears to be one of the last few nights she works before maternity leave), I tried it. I was going to work on Blender from 8:00 to 8:30-8:45. Here’s how my evening went:

  • Got my Blender book out and something to drink, opened up Blender… and checked Google News (8:07pm).
  • Opened the book to the chapter that I left off at and did some reading (8:15pm).
  • Realized that Blender’s Sculpt mode seems to have an issue on OS X keeping it from performing well, if at all. Decided to try it on my freshly reinstalled Ubuntu Linux computer (8:23pm).
  • Realized that Blender wasn’t installed in Ubuntu. Selected it to be installed, along with Kino (hey, why not? might see how far video editing has progressed). While installing, I remembered that my sound doesn’t work because I have two cards in the computer and that’s confusing Ubuntu and I don’t have any speakers hooked up (8:27pm).
  • After tearing my computer out of the niche it’s in, taking the side off, removing the sound card, untangling a big mess of wires to free the speakers from the extra-parts bin WHILE somehow in the process tripping over every single piece of junk and knocking over every scrapbook supply that my wife has in this God-forsaken crowded office, I have my computer back up (8:48pm).
  • Beat the wireless keyboard against the desk for a few minutes before discovering that my inability to see behind said crowded niche I plugged the keyboard into the ethernet spot instead of USB… d’oh! (8:55pm).
  • Finally get back into Ubuntu. Sound’s working, Blender works fine, I’m able to use the sculpt tool, except that it doesn’t render anything! Installed the ATI proprietary driver and rebooted (9:10pm).
  • Got curious as to why the sculpt tool didn’t work in OS X in the first place and did some fruitless searching for information (9:22pm).
  • Found a link to the Release Candidate of the next version of Blender, 2.45, started downloading the Mac OS X version (9:24pm).
  • Started writing this (9:25pm).
  • So, now it’s 9:43pm. Useful Blender work accomplished: none. Feeling of gratification from managing my time better: none. Fixed my problem with Blender in OS X: notta. But hey, at least my sound card’s working in Ubuntu now!