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Flight Simulator 10

AVSIM has concluded its annual Flight Sim Convention and Exhibition in San Diego over the weekend.  One of the lectures was brought by Microsoft’s Flight Simulator team.  They went over a lot of the technology and process of developing a Flight Simulator, showed some specs about what planes people fly (a surprising majority don’t use Microsoft’s default planes at all; they use third party add ons), and finally some notes on where the technology is going.

They showed some screenshots that are presumably from the next version.  They were captured by someone with a still camera and posted here.  For the most part, they are very impressive.  Of particular interest were the More Shaders and Environmental Reflection and Integrated Renders shots.  Since Microsoft hasn’t said anything about a 2006 version, I have assumed up until now that they were working on something that looked visually dramatically better than 2004.  Seems that’s the case.

One of the Flight Sim developers has a blog, and has referenced the link with the posted photos.

In an unrelated Flight Sim event, Microsoft has updated their FS Insider site as well as the Microsoft Flight Simulator product page to include information about the flight deck of the upcoming 787.  I wonder if this is indicative that a 787 will be included as one of the new aircraft in FS 10?

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