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“Completely Underwater”

I finally just heard from my half-sister. She and her family are okay. They’re staying with my half-brother and his family around Dupont, LA. All of their phones were out, so she couldn’t call us. She sent my sister an email letting us know she was okay.

She’s already got work (albeit temporary, for the moment) in the area that she’s staying now, and doesn’t plan on going back to New Orleans. She says that she’s got a few leads on some places to rent or buy there in the area.

What was more interesting was her personal description of the events in her area. From her email:

Our area is completely underwater. I lost the jeep and Bruce lost his eclipse. Oh well that is what insurance is for. We have all ready applied for FEMA and we are waiting to hear from them at this time. We just watched some video from our area and it is horrible. It is much worse than what is being shown on the tv. There are riots starting out is our area. We got this info from some people that just got out of Chalmette.

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