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Home, Home on the Range

Lowe’s Home Improvement made a small fortune off of me yesterday. After living at this house for a year and a half now, my wife and I are finally finishing up the add-on master bathroom to the bedroom. When we bought the house, it was occupied by a couple with three kids. They were just over halfway done with the bathroom when they became pregnant with a fourth child, and decided the best move was to get the heck out of this teeny house and head for something larger. Melissa and I wanted to do some nice stuff in there, so we’ve been saving for a year.

Yesterday we bought all of the “big stuff”™ . We got our shower stall, Jacuzzi tub, toilet, hot water heater, linen cabinet (which ironically was the heaviest thing!), and what seems like tons of backerboard, drywall, and insulation. We special ordered our sink cabinet, vanity top, and the flooring. Hopefully in several weekends we’ll be reaping the benefits of all this hard work and investment! For good measure, we even bought a new stove (one of those flooty-dooty kind that has the completely flat cooktop) to replace the depricated one that the previous owners had.

We managed to get the stove hooked up yesterday, but it was all we could do just to unload the trailer of everything else.

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