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New Member of the “Family”

After toying with the idea for the better part of a year now, I’ve finally decided to make the plunge into the notebook world. Budget and power being priority (not the easiest combination to work together), I decided on a Compaq Presario 2108CL. It’s an Athlon XP-M 2800+ system, with 512MB DDR RAM and an ATI Mobility Radeon AGP 4x graphics card. So far, the only actual drawbacks I’ve found with it are the relatively slow hard drive speed (4200RPM), and the fact that it only has USB 1.0. I thought the latter was very strange in a computer with a processor as new as this one. These two undesirables were completely set off by the very good price I paid for it. In this price range, I was finding computers that were half as powerful (or, Celerons, which counts as half as powerful no matter the processor).

So, what do I intend to do with the laptop over my desktop? Primarily, I hope to use it as a Linux system. I’ll probably still run dual boot with Windows since I do have some needs that Linux can’t replicate just yet, but to have a stable system consistently running Linux has always been something I’ve wanted. Secondly, I hope to set it up as a server and use it for web development on the go, whether that be transferring files between work and home or working on personal projects. Who knows, after July when these grant funded classes are over with and some of my other projects are sustaining themselves, I may get into some of the open source contributions I’ve always wanted to make. And finally, on the most superficial geek level, having a mobile system is just cool.

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