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Boeing and Airbus pulling out the big guns

While Airbus has been doing the first test flights of its new Superjumbo, the A380, Boeing has been solidifying orders for its medium-sized, technologically advanced jet, the 787, to begin flight in 2008.

Boeing has received a huge contract with Northwest Airlines, the 4th largest carrier, for 18 of the new 787’s with purchase options for 50 more. That gives Boeing 82 firm orders and 173 commitments, while Airbus’ double-decker is sitting with 154 orders as of late-April.

The sales of the Airbus has been described as “disappointing,” but I can’t help but find an aircraft that may eventually carry more than 1,000 people as a marvel of engineering. But, while the A380 is beautiful because of it’s size, the 787 is just beautiful period.

NWA’s 787 livery:NWA's 787 Livery

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