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Our website is what dot what… dot what???

You know, sometimes these spam and scam companies are almost worth dealing with for the comedic value. We got a letter at work from the good folks at Axcess Internet saying that our company was the proud owner of a new website (??). All we had to do to see the website was type our convenient domain name into the address bar:

Oh my… As if our real domain name wasn’t long enough, a 45 character domain NOT including the www!

When we called to cancel our trial, they told us in a thick foreign accent: “we can do website for you” (‘ma’am, we are a web design company’), followed by “we can host website for you” (‘ma’am, we have our own server’), followed by “we can do email for you” (‘ma’am, we provide email services to clients’), followed by “we can send you sample postcard, free of charge!” (‘ma’am, we have our own design department‘).

Guess they never bothered to check their spam database closely enough to find out that we are both a web development and marketing company, and could probably do a better design, email/hosting, and marketing job than they do. Adding insult to injury, we’re “Taylor-Made”, not “Tailor-Made”. I guess they thought we were a telephone company for the fabric industry.

Not that I’m arrogant enough to think that we’re all that great at it, but the situation was just funny.

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