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FS2006? I wish!

It’s getting later on in the year of 2005 now, and if Microsoft is going to keep with their every-two-year release schedule and release a Flight Simulator 2006 then they’d better get on with announcing it! I found a video, direct link here, on the web that I quickly became excited about, until, of course, I realized that Microsoft would never include an Airbus as a default aircraft (they wouldn’t want to slight their next door neighbors, Boeing).

It was an impressive piece of work, and something to hope for in future flight simulators. But sadly this solution is a commercial grade sim used by actual airlines. See more videos from CAE here. Might we see graphics like these in 2006? I certainly hope so, but Flight Simulator has always been an evolutionary thing, not a revolutionary one.

I remain hopeful, though, because it’s been known for months that the guy that wrote the book on DirectX 9 shaders is presently working at Microsoft as “a graphics developer for the upcoming next release Microsoft Flight Simulator”.

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