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Mozilla Lightning Article

InformationWeek has released a decent article on the future of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Specifically of interest to me is the talk of an integrated calendar, codenamed “Lightning”. A good, open source mail client/calendar application (that is, Outlook alternative) is something that I’ve been waiting on the open source community to produce since at least 2000 when Netscape 6 debuted. Although Exchange functionality is not yet planned, if I were able to at least use Lightning to sync with my Palm and get work from our Exchange server at work via IMAP, I would be a happy user.

From the article:
“Calendaring is probably the biggest piece that we’re missing when it comes to competing with Outlook in the enterprise space,” says Scott MacGregor, lead engineer for Thunderbird. “So we actually have a project called Lightning, which is a community-driven calendar extension that you can bundle with Thunderbird to make an enterprise-level application suite.”

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